What is Zip Line Activity?

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Zip Line is one of the most adventurous game. In the zip line a person can travel on a long steel rope with the help of a pulley. The participant is fully secured with a jacket, helmet and goggles.
Zip line consist of a long steel rope which is hanged on both the ends with solid vertical pillars or trees. One end of the rope is kept higher than the other end. The participant is tied on the rope with the help of a Pulley trolley. Then the participant is allowed to travel with its gravity to the other end.
Why is Zip Line so exciting?
Answer is speed, Speed, speed and speed. When the person travels on the wire his speed can go up to 50 km/h. So every precaution has to be taken so that there is a safe landing of the participant. At the lowest point of the rope A brake is installed. Brick stops and Reduces the speed of the participant and avoid it from colliding With the lower end pillar.
At the Fun villas we have State of the art 200 feet long Zip Line/ Firefox. We have Every equipment tested and verified. People come at Fun Villas and enjoy the zip line.
The thing which excites most in the Zip Line is the sound of the zip during ride.
Zip line should not be confused with flying Fox. In few countries zip line is also called flying fox.

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