What is Burma Bridge?

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Burma bridge is a temporary bridge made of ropes. In ancient time it was used for crossing the river and for crossing the valley by the human. Now a days Burma bridge is used for an adventure activity. In this activity a person has to cross a river or Valley on Burma bridge. One end of Burma bridge is tied with a solid pillar or with a strong tree. Other end is also tied in the same way. Because basic structure for supporting of Burma bridge is made of rope so this Bridge moves right and left When a person is working on it. This makes Burma bridge adventurous and exciting.
Burma bridge consist of a long footway made of ropes or wooden planks. Ropes are used for handrails and far side railing.
Fun Villas Resort at Nainital has 200 feet long Burma bridge in Nainital India. Guests coming at “Fun Villas” dont leave this activity.

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