About Nainital, Uttarakhand, India.

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Nainital, also known as Naini Tal, is one of the most popular hill station in Uttarakhand state of India. As the state’s High Court is located in Nainital so it’s also called judicial capital of Uttarakhand. It is headquarter of the Kumaon Division as well as an important district. It also includes the Governor of Uttarakhand, who lives in the Raj Bhavan.

Naini Tal is located at an elevation of 2084 meters. It has an area of 11.74 km². The population of Nainital as per 2011 survey was approximately 34,000. The official language of Nainital his Hindi. The local language is Kumaoni. Naini Tal is located at a distance of 285 km from Dehradun, The state capital of Uttarakhand. It’s located at a distance of To 290 km from Delhi. Nainital is one of the most popular hill stations of Uttarakhand. It has a beautiful lake by the name of Naini Lake. It has one of the highest peak in this region. China peak is approximately at an elevation of 2600 m. It has a dense forest and conservation reserve by the name of Naina Devi bird conservation reserve.

Nainital is surrounded by many mountains like Ayarpata, Devpata, Hanibani, China Peak or Naina Peak, Alma, Ladiya Kanta, Sher ka Danda etc.

Nainital has pleasant weather whole of the year. People can enjoy cool evenings in summers also and winter has snowfall. Nainital is the centre of good rainfall in Uttarakhand. It experiences a total rainfall of approx 1.85 m per year. The temperature ranges between 7° to 28° in summers and -6° to 10° in winters. Nainital has a beautiful flora and fauna. It is surrounded bye lush green jungles and high mountains. If you are visiting Nainital than don’t forget to stay at Pangot. It is one of the best villages in Nainital district. It Is slightly colder then Nainital and more peaceful also. This is the favourite place for tourists. If you’re visiting Nainital then don’t forget to keep warm clothes with you and book a hotel/ resort in advance. As it is almost full by tourists in summers…

Adventurous jungle Ride !

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So guys are you ready ? This is not a general adventurous ride. You would have seen many adventurous rides on internet or on television. But this is very special. This is full of thrill and adventure. You’ll be riding in 4X4 Off road vehicle. This Ride is in steep slopes and rough road full of boulders and potholes. Please see the video of this partial part of the track.

This is not just a ride in plain area but it is in steep hilly path. There are some portions where you have to take back your car due to due to less turning of path.
You would have seen many videos on the internet all the people doing offloading. But this is really one of the most adventurous jungle safari near Nainital.

It starts from Pangot And ends at Pangot itself. It’s around 3 km in length and it passes near Tigreshwar Temple. You will be passing through dense jungle of pine, Deodhar And bursnsh. On the way you can stop and enjoy in the cool water of a beautiful stream with the pond.
Because this is located in the middle of Kilbury bird Sanctuary, so you can point and click many species of birds specially Mount quail on the way.

The best part of the right is that there is Hill on one side of the track and a valley on the other side of the track. You can come here with your friends to enjoy more. We have seen many people recording videos of this ride And sharing on their YouTube channels and on other platforms.

With the organiser of this ride “Fun Villas” Believe in adventure, happiness and fitness. This right will take Your excitement to the next level. And you will not forget this lifelong.

About Pangot ( Near by Nainital, India ) ?

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Pangot is a small village at a distance of 15 KM from Nainital. If you want to find a place with full of greenery, Isolated and Tranquility then Pangot is best suited. Pangot comes under Naina Devi bird conservation reserve. Blessed with snowcapped Himalayas, Pangot is also known as the bird watchers paradise. This village comes under Nainital district in Uttarakhand India. Pangot has many view points for the tourists.

Pangot is located at a distance of Approx 300 km from Delhi. The best way to reach Pangot is by road, by Railway till Kathgodam, Or by air till Pantnagar. Pangot is located in the north of Nainital. From Nainital you have to come via Bara Patthar, Himalaya view point, Kilbury Road.

Few years back government has decided to keep this area as a reserved bird life conservation. Can be visited any time in the year. In summers the maximum temperature goes to 22°C. In winters there is a good amount of snowfall to enjoy. There are many points to visit in Panghot here. Here is a list of sightseeing points near Pangot : China Peak, Vinayak, Tigreshwar Temple, Himalayan viewpoint, Kilbury, Kunjaharak. In addition to these tourists can do Jungle Safari and bird watching. Pangot is famous for habitat of more than 250 Species of birds.

There are many hotels, jungle camps and jungle resorts in Pangot. Tourist need to book their stay in advance because Pangot is almost full whole year. There are only few good and a Luxury jungle resorts. Pangot is famous for jungle camping.

Tourist need to accompany essential Things with them as Pangot has a small market only. Blessed with oak, Pine, Buransh and many other trees, “It has a good forest cover in Uttarakhand. During winters tourist need to confirm that roads are open because the kilbury Road generally got closed due to snowfall.

Pangot weather is colder than Nainital and it faces more rain fall then Nainital. So in simple words Pangot is a paradise for nature lovers.

What is Burma Bridge?

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Burma bridge is a temporary bridge made of ropes. In ancient time it was used for crossing the river and for crossing the valley by the human. Now a days Burma bridge is used for an adventure activity. In this activity a person has to cross a river or Valley on Burma bridge. One end of Burma bridge is tied with a solid pillar or with a strong tree. Other end is also tied in the same way. Because basic structure for supporting of Burma bridge is made of rope so this Bridge moves right and left When a person is working on it. This makes Burma bridge adventurous and exciting.
Burma bridge consist of a long footway made of ropes or wooden planks. Ropes are used for handrails and far side railing.
Fun Villas Resort at Nainital has 200 feet long Burma bridge in Nainital India. Guests coming at “Fun Villas” dont leave this activity.

Top 10 Adventurous Activities

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When it comes to adventure then everyone is filled with excitement. From the ancient time human has been indulged in many adventurous activities. Now a days these activities have also taken advancement. But overall there are few basic activities which are common and are played by most of the people. Here is a list of top 10 most popular adventurous activities in the world:
Mountain biking
Zip lining
Burma Bridge
Army net
Jungle camping
Sand boarding

At Fun Villas resort in Nainital India, we encourage people to indulge in adventurous activities and team-building activities. Here is a list of such Adventure Activities in Nainital :

  • Zip Line 200 feet
  • Burma Bridge 200 feet
  • Jungle off-road riding
  • Commando net
  • Sky tunnel
  • Cricket
  • Jungle treasure hunt
  • Blindfold Games
  • Tug of the War
  • War Escape
  • Balloons Games
  • Jungle trekking
  • Camping & Bonfire

What is Zip Line Activity?

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Zip Line is one of the most adventurous game. In the zip line a person can travel on a long steel rope with the help of a pulley. The participant is fully secured with a jacket, helmet and goggles.
Zip line consist of a long steel rope which is hanged on both the ends with solid vertical pillars or trees. One end of the rope is kept higher than the other end. The participant is tied on the rope with the help of a Pulley trolley. Then the participant is allowed to travel with its gravity to the other end.
Why is Zip Line so exciting?
Answer is speed, Speed, speed and speed. When the person travels on the wire his speed can go up to 50 km/h. So every precaution has to be taken so that there is a safe landing of the participant. At the lowest point of the rope A brake is installed. Brick stops and Reduces the speed of the participant and avoid it from colliding With the lower end pillar.
At the Fun villas we have State of the art 200 feet long Zip Line/ Firefox. We have Every equipment tested and verified. People come at Fun Villas and enjoy the zip line.
The thing which excites most in the Zip Line is the sound of the zip during ride.
Zip line should not be confused with flying Fox. In few countries zip line is also called flying fox.

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Travel Recommendations for Northern India in Winter

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The Geological position of India is responsible for the country’s diverse weather. If you have plans of visiting north India, you can expect the climate to be hot during the summer and cool in winter. Before going there, you have to consider these travel recommendations for northern India in winter.

The northern plains of India during the winter season which happens to be from November to March brings very cold temp. In fact, temperature in the Thar Desert can reach freezing point. The central city of the north is Delhi and the temperature there is from 6 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius.

You can find a rich history of culture in north India. Aside from Delhi, you can also visit other destinations like Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Uttranchal, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir . There are many activities that you can do in north India like – Night Safari, Mountain biking, skiing, River Rafting, Paragliding and trekking. You can also find exquisite architecture, incredible sand dunes , wildlife and historical charm in this Indian region.

If you plan to tour Delhi, you can explore the city’s religious face. There are many temples that you can visit like – Kalkaji Temple, Bhairon Temple, Akshardham, Hanuman Mandir – Connaught Place, Gauri Shankar Temple, Hanuman Mandir – Jhandewalan, Jhandewalan Mandir, Birla, Shri Sheetla Mata Mandir, Chhatarpur Mandir, Bangla Sahib & ISKCON Temples. Aside from the temples, there are also forts in Delhi like – Purana Qila , Tughlaqabad Fort, Red Fort, Siri Fort , Salimgarh Fort , Qutub Minar, and Jantar Mantar.

Taj Mahal is found in north India, specifically in Uttar Pradesh. If you have plans of traveling to Uttaranchal, don’t do this during the winter season as it is very cold. You can do it between April and June or from September to November.

Individuals who love mall shopping can go to Nainital . You can find malls offering great sights there. The Golden Temple can be found in Punjab. Other places that you should visit are – Pangot near Nainital, Shimla, Kullu Manali, Srinagar, Coonoor, Coorg, Darjeeling, Dharamshala, Munnar, Ooty, Mussoorie, Mount Abu , Pachmarhi, Wayanad and Kodaikanal. You can have the best holiday experience in north India.

There are many places with jungles in India but Pangot near Nainital is famous for its green hills with dense jungles.

As mentioned earlier, winter in north India is quite cold. If you go there during winter, you have to bring the appropriate clothes. If you don’t have them, you can collect winter clothes. This way, you can avoid stressing out your body and ending up sick. So better be ready especially if you’re traveling there during the winter season. You can enjoy the sights and tourist spots in north India.

Still, if you can’t withstand the cold, you should go to North India during the summer season. The temperature during that time is not as cold as the winter season.

Now that you know the places that you can visit in north India, you can contact a travel agency and book your travel in advance. The winter season in India is also the peak season for the influx of tourists and so it would be best to plan ahead of time, otherwise, you will not get the good services because the facilities are limited. Planning can really take so much time but with the help of a travel agent, your troubles are lessened. If you take into consideration these travel advice for north India in winter, you will have the greatest time of your life despite the cold climate.

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