Adventurous jungle Ride !

Adventurous jungle Ride !

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So guys are you ready ? This is not a general adventurous ride. You would have seen many adventurous rides on internet or on television. But this is very special. This is full of thrill and adventure. You’ll be riding in 4X4 Off road vehicle. This Ride is in steep slopes and rough road full of boulders and potholes. Please see the video of this partial part of the track.

This is not just a ride in plain area but it is in steep hilly path. There are some portions where you have to take back your car due to due to less turning of path.
You would have seen many videos on the internet all the people doing offloading. But this is really one of the most adventurous jungle safari near Nainital.

It starts from Pangot And ends at Pangot itself. It’s around 3 km in length and it passes near Tigreshwar Temple. You will be passing through dense jungle of pine, Deodhar And bursnsh. On the way you can stop and enjoy in the cool water of a beautiful stream with the pond.
Because this is located in the middle of Kilbury bird Sanctuary, so you can point and click many species of birds specially Mount quail on the way.

The best part of the right is that there is Hill on one side of the track and a valley on the other side of the track. You can come here with your friends to enjoy more. We have seen many people recording videos of this ride And sharing on their YouTube channels and on other platforms.

With the organiser of this ride “Fun Villas” Believe in adventure, happiness and fitness. This right will take Your excitement to the next level. And you will not forget this lifelong.

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