About Almora

About Almora

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Almora is an important city in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is also the headquarters of Almora district. Almora is located 365 km from Delhi and 415 km from Dehradun, on the southern side of a hill in the Kumaon Himalayan range. According to the 2011 census of India, Almora has a total population of 35,513.

Almora was founded by King Balo Kalyan Chand in 1568.  Since the time of Mahabharata (8th and 9th century BCE), details of human settlements are found in the hills and surrounding areas. Almora was the capital of the Chandravanshi kings who ruled the Kumaon state. Almora has a special hand in the freedom struggle and in the upliftment of education, art and culture.

The Manaskhand of Skandapurana states that a holy mountain is situated between the river Kaushika (Koshi) and Shalmali (Suyal). This mountain is the mountain of Almora, with no other mountain. It is said that Vishnu resided on this mountain. Some scholars also believe that the Kurmavatar of Vishnu took place on this mountain. According to a legend, it is said that Kaushika Devi of Almora killed the demons named Shumbha and Nishumbha in this region. The stories are many, but one thing is absolutely true that this place has had religious, geographical and historical importance since the Oriental era.

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Almora city is famous for its historical heritage as well as natural beauty. On one side there are the fortresses and temples of the moon, on the other side, the British-era church and picnic spot are also present. Apart from this, Almora is connected to the entire Kumaon region by road, so people traveling to remote hill stations also pass through Almora. Almora is the best city today, keeping in mind the convenience of tourists, nature-lovers, mountains and paddlers. There are so many luxury hotels to stay here.

Apart from this, Holiday Home, Circuit House, Public Works Department Rest House, Jula Council Rest House and Forest Department Rest House can also be made available for tourists. The woolen cloth is famous here. Lala Bazaar and Chowk Bazaar are its centers.

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